KRA VIP MODZ ML Apk v1.0 Download (Latetst Version) For Android

Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated September 19, 2023
Publisher Channel fixlag
Requirements Android+
Category Apps MLBB MODs
Size 151MB
Google Playstore file-play-store-link
4 Rating (4450)

Today we are presenting the new ML KRA VIP MODZ. Let’s agree with the fact that the new gamers are unable to crack the game on their own. They need something by which they can be boosted to their skills that would help them to make their pathway clear for the next levels. Sometimes the new gamers have to face the pro ones. They need assistance to cope with the game against the pro.

If you are worried about your next MLBB game. This is the most advanced mod that will boost your gaming skills. And make you able to fight against your opponent. It has the ability to make progress in your game. This will make quick progress in your game. It can unlock the ML premium features of the game. You can also enjoy the MIM MLBEBEH ML with the same function by visiting our website.

The KRA VIP MODZ is able to add pro-level combat ML skins. Make your character a totally new character by changing the skin to a premium one and much more. These features will give you the power to tackle the game to the highest ranks of success and make you able to build your empire in the gaming zone.

What is KRA VIP MOD?

KRA VIP MODZ is just like the other mods which unlock the premium features of the game for the mobile legends 2023. It provides the facilities for the new players to compete with the pro players. It provides you with combat hacks, battle, diamonds, Gold, and premium skins without any payments. It’s totally free with this. Pro players pay for the premium features. It’s a very amazing thing for the new players to get those features with a free hand.

KRA VIP MODZ is safe and secure. It’s fully protected and useable to play the game in your own comfort. It does not put any disadvantage to your account and makes you able you play like a pro gamer.

Features of KRA VIP MODZ APK:

Which will help you to gain the opportunity to live the game like a pro player. The features will provide you with open doors for the success of the new players. Some of the features are mentioned below with a short description:

Unlock ML Skins:

In this modern era appearance matters a lot. For that, this feature gives the looks of new premium skins which are available free of cost, and by them, you can build your confidence to level up your game.

Boost the Ranking:

This app will give you the power to boost your rank. Mobile legends are able to take the benefits of this app and have the advancement of gaming within the mobile. If you need an instant booster for your legendary game you can have this app.

Maps Access:

It’s the new amazing feature that makes you able to access the maps. It provides the sources to fight against your enemies and take the opportunity to have access to the locked maps through only one click.

Drone view:

Drone view is an amazing feature with allows the player to have a 360-degree view of the game. By having this app feature, the player is able to capture the opponent with real-time observation.

Battle effects:

Battle effects provide a premium feature that allows the player to be like the pro player. These effects include effects recall, respawn, elimination, Aimbot, and many others like these. By this beginners have the chance to win the game.


Again here we have the advantage of KRA VIP MOD that it is not banded. It has all the available features of playing like a pro player. It gives the pathway to beginners to win the match with the available features.

Others Features:

  • All ESP
  • Visual
  • Auto Aim
  • No key and no password needed
  • Free download and access
  • Free of cost


This game features beginners and allows new doors for success. The premium features are the tools by which we can approve our victory upon the opponent. KRA VIP MODZ gives the confidence to beginners to play the part along with the features. It allows you to unlock the features of MLBB without any loss of money.   

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